Health Tips

Saika Vinegar drinks can improve health in a number of ways:-

Helping reduce fatigue

One of the causes of tiredness is the accumulation of lactic acid in the body. Acetic acid, a key component of vinegar, helps reduce lactic acid production.

Weight loss

Vinegar's acetic acid, helps break down starch and sugars in food, keeping them in the stomach longer so they are not digested so quickly. Slower digestion helps manage weight loss. Tests have shown that drinking vinegar with meals can reduce blood sugar levels.

Lower blood pressure

Academic research has demonstrated that vinegar can help reduce blood pressure by stimulating adenosine production, improving blood circulation.

Better calcium absorption

Calcium is essential for growing and maintaining healthy bones and teeth, unfortunately our bodies only absorb between 20-30% of the intake. Vinegars have been shown to help improve calcium absorption rates.


Saika Health encourages consulting your Doctor or Medical Practitioner for optimum health advice. 

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