Saika Health Co.,Ltd is a Thai business founded by two entrepreneurs with a background in the food industry. One of the founders lives in Japan and previously marketed drinking vinegars in Singapore. The other is Thai who would like to develop innovative products to improve health.
Our aim is to develop functional food products which are natural, wholesome and have distinctive wellness benefits.
Saika is based on an original range of premium drinking vinegars. Our vinegars are made in Thailand due the abundance of good quality raw materials and to avoid the environmental impact of shipping long distances.
"Feel good - Live simply - Laugh more"

Introducing Rice Vinegar

Key Benefits
Lowers Fat
Better Digestion
Reduces Fatigue

Saika Products

“Saika” Rice Vinegar Drink

Made using high-quality organic red brown jasmine rice, fermented into vinegar, rich in amino acids, and finally blended with pure honey and juice.




Where to Buy

Our products are available in the following retail outlets. Click here for more details.

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